Located just south of Myrtle Beach in Murrells Inlet, Mind Map Creative is a digital marketing agency with one mission:

“We want to help our clients grow!” – B. Price

In an industry that is constantly shifting and changing, it’s our business to stay ahead of those changes.

With over 15+ years of digital media experience, we’ve learned from having to make those same adjustments; evolving to remain current and prepared for the digital marketing arena.


The internet has made it easy to reach your direct audience. Now it’s all about finding which channels will offer the most attention and at the lowest cost. Exploring different platforms, channels, and attention streams will open up more opportunities for your business to accomplish your goals online.


While you may think your brand is nothing more than your logo, your brand is your voice and that voice is what customers identify with, trust, and remember. Now’s the time to identify where you offer value and use that voice to let people know how your brand can help.  By expanding on your processes and taking advantage of targeted channels, you expand your opportunities and your brand loyalty.


Digital media has become an ocean of opportunity; drastically increasing your brand reach and advertisement ROI. Evolving and incorporating digital strategy is what will put your brand ahead in the attention game versus your competitors.


All said and done, we invest ourselves deeply to build partnerships with clients, ensuring they are receiving the maximum return from their online endeavors without the maximum investment.

Today’s internet allows for zeroing in on your desired customer, presenting to people that need your services instead of your business needing them. This is what will skyrocket your business past competitors that aren’t willing to take the next steps.

Thanks for showing interest and if you have any questions or just want to chat about things, please feel free to call or email me anytime.

I’m always happy to help and enjoy hearing about what’s working for you.”

Thanks again,

Bo Price
Owner/Creative Marketing Director

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